Things to do  
Santa Maria del Focallo, the seaside district of Ispica, offers a long coastline of clean and public beach. There are so many areas arranged for Summer activities, such as beach volley or kite surf. On these beaches there are also plenty of bars and meeting places for young people, with music and entertainments.
For those interested in discovering the lands of Montalbano and the whole Valley of Noto, there are many trips proposed or suggested by Palazzo Gambuzza, with local guides and bus service.
Ispica is indeed a perfect starting point for your journey around the cities of the Sicilian baroque but also to reach wild places like Etna.
The District of Ispica is full of associations planning and supervising, especially in Summer, plenty of events into the city, on the squares and also into the natural canyon of Ispica.
Wine, food and feasts  
Land of encounters and wars -located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea - Sicily absorbed the various identities and cultures of any foreign people who passed by, or even settled there. Not only the island's life has been changed by all the invasions of history, but also its agricultural and food culture, which is famous worldwide.

Small traces of foreign and exotic products or cooking are still perceptible in any Sicilian meal. Nevertheless they have fully entered into the deep identity of this beautiful land as typical delicacies.

Noteworthy, is the festival of Carotispica, praising the unique D.O.P. carrot of Ispica.
And the Oscar goes to. Ispica  
A few scenes from Montalbano have been shot into the heart of Ispica. Nevertheless it's not Camilleri the artist whom Ispica owes its greatest cinematographic success. Pietro Germi, with his "Divorce - Italian style" won 1 Academy Award, 2 Golden Globes, 1 BAFTA Award, 3 Nastri d'Argento e 1 Award from Festival of Cannes.
"Divorce - Italian style" was almost completely filmed in Ispica, which is called Agramonte in the movie.
The Holy Week  
The Holy Week is still lived and celebrated in southern Italy as it has always been in the past centuries. It's still possible to feel the same emotions of the past, conveyed by the popular faith and enriched by fireworks, events, music and parades. Easter literally imbues the daily life of Ispica, with strength and candor.
What makes the celebration of Ispica different from the others of the South, is the local and historical distinction between the two main catholic brotherhoods of the city: Santa Maria Maggiore (the Red one) and SS. Annunziata (the Blue one). Along with all the other Churches of Ispica, they sometimes cooperate and sometimes compete to create a week of folkloristic and unforgettable Passion.
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