The Palace  
  Palazzo Gambuzza is a noble and ancient dwelling of the early 1700's.
After 18 months of accurate restoration, 8 suites have been instituted; they can host up to 8 guests, for a maximum of 35 people in the whole building. The Palace has a reception and is provided with any comfort, such as hand-painted kitchens or household electrical appliances like: washing machine, satellite TV, wi-fi, air conditioning, free public parking.
The building is enriched with typical courtyards and dry-stone walls, panoramic terraces and a private garden with fruit trees; all in the middle of the old town.
The Palace is 100 meters distant from the central square and overlooks one of the most famous monuments of the district: the "Vincenzo Sinatra's Loggiato", national monument since 1908, designated to become an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The whole family's love for Sicily pushed the owners to invest in an ambitious mission: saving and restoring antique buildings of the old town to preserve the cultural and architectural heritage of the area.
After the recovery of the summer residence of the owners, a few other mansions and houses have been restored, leading to the realization of a greater project that involves passionate friends pursuing the same valuing and touristic mission of the historical Palazzo Gambuzza.
      PALAZZO GAMBUZZA - via Meli 6, 97014, Ispica (RG) Sicilia - P.IVA 04963090966 -